2B Stone

2b retaining wall back fill
2B Stone is a 2” clean stone. Due to its minimal compaction this stone is an excellent choice for drainage. 

Most commonly 2B is used for driveway applications, shed bases, and drainage stones.  This is the proper stone to be used in a French Drain. Other uses include base stone for retaining walls, as well as drainage stone behind retaining walls and under sheds. Use our geotextile filter fabric for drainage applications.

2B is also sometimes refereed to as #57. Some commercial projects use it for grading concrete, water and sewer lines, ditches, driveways, and many other ditch and non-ditch projects. It contains minimal fines therefore it does not compact and allows for drainage.

 We offer 2B in bag, bucket, full scoop, dump truck, and tri-axle quantities. 

Pictured here is 2B being used on a small retaining wall in Harrisburg Pa. The clean fill acts as a drainage barrier behind the wall.

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