Budding Blend

Budding Blend Tri-Grow : Perlite Soil Amendment

A white, sterile substance, perlite comes from volcanic matter. The matter itself gets heated until it pops, creating the lightweight perlite. Cavities cover the entire surface of each perlite particle, enabling it to retain moisture for plants and trap air to aerate soil. You can buy perlite in several grades, or coarseness.

Soil Amendment

As a soil conditioner amendment, the perlite in Bu
dding Blend increases the total amount of air-holding capacity in top soil. This in return allows water to drain more efficently and prevents total compaction. More aeration ensures plants will send out a broader root system. Also this perlite soil amendment works to retain moisture through water remediation, while still allowing better drainage through the soil. 


Perlite originates from volcanoes and is primarily used a medium to germinate seeds. The additive prevents root loss and increases transplant rate. For houseplants, the Budding Blend perlite mix can decrease the weight of the pot. To use Budding Blend perlite, simply mix the included soil, sand, perlite mix straight into your landscapes soil. For use in the garden, spread Budding Blend directly on soil surface and, with a rototiller or spade, mix it thoroughly into the dirt. Mix perlite with peat moss and dampen to create a mixture for transplanting, planting and propagating. Since perlite is a soil amendment and not a fertilizer, remember to add fertilizer to your plants.

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