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You visited this page to find information on patio pavers in and around Harrisburg PA.

There are three universal components for all pavers.

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Pattern

First, are you building a patio, walkway, pool surround, or something else? Every application is different. There are endless color choices to match your project. Pick the color that appeals to you.

Next, will the texture will be a flat or an aged finish? We sell concrete, clay, natural stone, and more to provide the various texture options.

Finally, pattern depends on the size and color. As a rule of thumb the standard paver sizes are 4 x 8, 6 x 6, and 6 x 9.

Many paver combinations and choices are available. We will gladly discuss all the options with you.

If you need the pavers installed - we typically give you the names of three contractors trained to install your desired design plan. You choose who you are most comfortable with.

And if you are a contractor, we can give your name to interested homeowners.

If you want, bring in the photos of what you are building. We'd be happy to go over all the possibilities to bring your project to fruition.

We have a fleet of boom trucks and deliver throughout central Pennsylvania. You can also pick up pavers directly at our store.

We are located at 308 South 18th Street in Camp Hill PA 17011. That's at the corner of Hummel and 18th Street. We're the big yellow building that says BuddingCo.

Feel free to call us at 717-737-2511.

We've been in business since 1861 and know what we're doing. We are open to contractors and homeowners.

Our job is to help you get all of the supplies, tools and everything else you need to install your patio pavers. That means, we'll help you design and find a contractor, if need be.

Once again we handle Harrisburg patio pavers. And we're ready to be of service to you.