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We have a fleet of boom trucks and deliver throughout central pa.   As well as you can pick up pavers at our store.


Harrisburg Patio Pavers - We Deliver

Essentially pavers can be divided into a three simple groups for ease of selection. The three categories to remember are size, shape, and texture. The three common sizes are the standard Brick 4 inches by 8 inches. The 6 inch by 6 inch square
paver provides an old europe road look. The 6 x 9 is the larger paver size and can be mixed with the 6 x 6 for an eye pleasing patio. We stock various brands so customers have the ability match their unique home to the desired look.  
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Paver colors - When you open a paver catalog the colors can give you a mind freeze. The most common colors are light grey, dark grey, tan,  and mixed red. Many different names are used by different manufactures but we help you find the color you need. We pro
vide samples should you need to match to your home.

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Texture - Paver textures typically fall under two types.  The flat look and the cobbled look. Cobble produces an aged looking surface.
We can load your vehicle up at our yard or deliver to your home or business. Remember pavers are heavy and this is all an SUV could fit, shown below.