Top Soil

topsoil for sale
Topsoil helps plants grow and helps prevent erosion. 

Topsoil is just that. The top 12 inches of soil where the roots of your plants reside. It denotes location, not necessarily quality. The next level down or subsoil is thicker, usually harder. 

Experts agree that it's wise to take a look and touch before purchase. Better yet, ask for loam. You're interested in a loose, non sticky, crumb-like mixture. And, if necessary, you might want to aerate (add oxygen), depending what's commercially available in your region (see perlite and vermiculite). 

Last, once you've decided you mix (perhaps three bags of topsoil and 1 bag of perlite), consider where you want to put it once you bring it home or have it delivered. It the latter, definitely make the area with stakes of some sort. 

We offer Topsoil in bag, bucket, full scoop, dump truck, and tri-axle quantities. To order call (717) 737-2511 or click the quote button at the bottom of this page.