Vermiculite is a highly desired soil amendment and concrete aggregate. 

Vermiculite consists of water in-between sheets of silicate. Once mined, and then heated, it expands to produce a whitish material with properties much like those of its mineral cousin, perlite. That is, its lightweight quality, which makes it easy and beneficial to use in construction and gardening settings. 

 According to masons, a general rule of thumb is three parts vermiculite to one part concrete. Combining with Portland cement produces a light aggregate, which often forms the smooth surfaces of in-ground swimming pools. 

Avid gardeners attest that blending it with soil provides aeration and prevents nutrient loss. Thus,  enabling them to water less frequently--especially during the growing season and summer droughts. A 50/50 mix is suitable for container plants; whereas a  25/75 mix is fine for beds.

An important side note is that regulators routinely test vermiculite for its purities. 


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