Yellow Sand


Yellow Sand is our most widely used sand product. It is also known as C-144 Sand 

Yellow Masonry Sand can be used for residential and commercial applications.  This is a common sand that has a variety applications from cement/mortar mixing, soil amendment, to commercial construction. We sell all our materials by the bag, five gallon bucket,1 ton bag,  full tractor scoop, and tri-axle dump truck. Please call us at (717) 737-2511 to find out today's current sand prices. Let us know your application, job site measurements, and location to help us find the size that fits you best.

Our yellow sand's technical name is C-144 sand. This is a standard set by the ASTM ( American Society for Test and Materials).  The ASTM, located in Conshohocken Pennsylvania, publishes a a consensus of technical standards for a vast array of materials and more.  In their classification C-144 sand allow for a greater grain size of 1.75-2.93. For a finer masonry sand try our Bar Sand.yellow sand for sale

Yellow sand versatility makes it great solution for bedding sand. Industries C-144 is used in the dairy farm industry, pipe bedding in the plumbing industry, gas line pipe bedding, and sometimes for fresh water beaches, etc. It is also an excellent certified sand for the sand mound and sewer industry.